“I don’t love you anymore!”
These are the most painful words a spouse can ever hear. Once spoken, the heart is shattered and only a miracle from God can bring healing. Those words come too quickly and too often in marriages today. Couples give up and walk away leaving a path of destruction behind in the lives of their children. The lie is…”Divorce is the best way out.” Jenny and I shout “No, No, No!” Repentance is the way out! “You don’t fall out of love, you fall out of repentance!

We know this drama all too well. It was our story! After 14 years of marriage, I thought “I don’t love her any more”. The truth was…I had fallen out of repentance. I was loving myself more than my wife. Praise Be To God! Repentance came along with OPENNESS and BROKENNESS and I found freedom from the things that were destroying my marriage and my life!

Fast-forward….On March 4, 2013, Jenny and I celebrated 25 years of marriage! I can truly say “I LOVE MY WIFE!” THANK YOU Jesus for showing me the path to freedom!

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25 Years Later!!

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Ministry News:
We are rejoicing in the Lord as we look back over this very busy spring season in 2013. WIT Ministries Dev has ministered to over a thousand people, speaking at churches, marriage, singles conferences and intensive weekends and it is only April!

WIT “4 Days 2 Freedom” Men’s Intensive weekends have been filling up as men are looking for answers to “How to be Truly Free from Sin”. These weekends are powerful and we are continuing to see men leave truly transformed. Here is an e-mail we just received from the last one:

I came away from this past weekend closer to the Lord than ever! The intensity of this past weekend was such a blessing as it forced me to move toward God in areas I previously did not want to even think about. After coming home and talking/confessing to my wife about things I was determined to “take to my grave”, I already can see a difference in our marriage and family. I am so thankful for this ministry and will encourage those around me with similar issues to come in the future. Paul, thanks again… Hopefully I will see some of you in the near future at one of the marriage conferences!

WIT Singles Mexico! Was a huge success! We are so proud of the courage and hard work of Rey and Jane Alvarenga! Over 160 young people attended. There were 40 that rode together on a bus for 21 hours in order to attend. The testimonies were incredible, and they keep pouring in! When the conference was over, 100 parents came back for Rey and Jane to teach them what they had just taught their young people. Revival broke out in one church when the pastor, after hearing the message of openness and brokenness, “came clean” before his congregation! Imagine if this happened in America! Let’s pray for it! Here are a few testimonies…

The Lord has transformed hearts because of the WIT Mexico conference! I am hearing lots of testimonies of entire families who have been broken because of the obedience of their children when they got home. And people (who didn’t attend the conference) are being saved as they hear of the freedom others are experiencing.
The Alvarengas were a huge blessing to Mexico! An instrument used by God!
Praise the Lord…A revival has started in my country!!


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