A young woman who attended WIT ALIVE

From a young woman who attended WIT ALIVE

Hi Paul and Jenny! I’ve been at the past two WIT ALIVE singles conferences and both were such learning/growing experiences for me. About two and a half years ago, I got into pornography. It started out as something small, but like most sin, it exploded into a fire that I could no longer control. I became addicted. This soon led to masturbation which also became a part of the addiction. I was so deep in this sin that I could no longer hear God’s voice; nor did I care to. I became depressed, not caring about anything, my friends, my job, my life even. I never had suicidal thoughts, but I just didn’t care about life. I was a wreck, but I was so blinded that I couldn’t even tell how bad off I was.

Last year at WIT is when I became broken about my sin for the first time but I was too ashamed and scared to tell anyone about it. So I kept it to myself. I left WIT with the intention of never falling back but of course it didn’t take long before I was pulled right back in. I told myself over and over… “I’m done with this!” and I would try fighting it for months but I just couldn’t get out of it.

In January of this year I went on a mission trip. About two weeks before I came home, I was sitting in church listening to a message, not even one that had to do with any of what I was going through, but God clearly spoke to me. He told me I needed to get all my junk out in the open. I was like… “no way God, please no, I can fight this sin without telling anyone, no one needs to know any of it”. But I just couldn’t keep fighting alone. I was failing miserably and I knew then that I needed help. I wrote to a friend of mine and to my parents that evening.

It was amazing…The feeling of freedom that came over me is just indescribable. I had been broken about my sin for months but like you guys teach at WIT; you need to be broken AND open to be Free! I can now truly say that I am free from my addictions of pornography and masturbation!! Praise Jesus! I am a living testimony of what Open -Broken- Free means. I bought and wore the bracelet at my first wit conference and was like yeah what a great motto! But I never had a clue as to what It truly meant to be open, broken and free until now. And it’s an awesome feeling! I wanted to share all this with you because it was seeing Christ working powerfully through you and through everything at WIT, that has brought me to where I’m today. Thank you for being willing Paul and Jenny. May God bless you to the moon and back!


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