10 yearNovember 18, 2012 started out like any other day. It was a Sunday morning, so we loaded the girls in the van and drove to our church. The boys were not with us because they were attending a weekend retreat. After church, we had lunch, made a few counseling calls, and got back in the van to go watch the closing ceremony at the boys retreat. It was exciting to see them and to hear the things God had done in their lives over the weekend. We returned home, talked a little more and because everyone was very tired from a busy weekend, were all in bed by 11:00PM.

The fact that this day was so normal is the bad part! It was not supposed to be that way! This was a day we had been looking forward to all year.  In fact, we had been looking forward to this day for many years.  Often, I had discussed with Jenny how I wanted to spend this day when it finally arrived.

So what made November 18, 2012, so special? It was our 10th year anniversary of the night I came clean with Jenny of lying and hiding of sin. WOW! I MISSED IT!

For years I have looked forward to crossing the 10 year mark of no hypocrisy, no lying, no pornography, and the unbridled lust that comes with it… and I missed it!

We realized it on November 19th when Jenny woke up and looked at me and asked “What is today’s date?” Instantly, our hearts sank as we both realized what had happened! Jenny and I are still asking ourselves, “How in the world did we miss it?”

Is there a lesson to learn? Is God trying to teach us something? Or is this the result of turning 50 years old???  We may never know why we forgot the date, but we are sure that this has been the most remarkable 10 years of our lives.

Years ago, when the first year anniversary arrived, I was a little nervous about how Jenny was going to handle it. I wondered if it would be a sore reminder every year of all the pain and heartache I had caused her.

I remember coming home from work that evening and not knowing what to expect. I was fearful of finding a crying wife, but instead, I found a royal welcoming party waiting to greet me at the door. Jenny and the children had prepared a special meal and had made a banner that hung across the doorway that read, “THANK you Daddy for setting us FREE!” All of the children had signed it. I cried!

Every year since then we have celebrated with a big dinner.  Although it represents one of the hardest times in our marriage, it also represents the turning point in my life from bondage to freedom! I became free to be the man God had created me to be! Free to love my wife as Christ loves the church and gave His life for it. Free to love and guide my children without hypocrisy and guilt, and free to reach into the lives of others, pointing them to Christ! So for me, it is a day to celebrate!

Jenny and I would have never guessed that 10 years later our story would have been shared with thousands of people around the world.  And more importantly, that God would allow WIT Ministries Dev to see countless numbers of people saved and delivered from the bondages that were destroying their lives and families. We stand in awe of our God! He has not only been our Savior but our Deliverer! We will forever praise Him!

With all that being said….we also stand in amazement of you, our WIT Friends! It takes a team! There is no way that Jenny and I could do what we do alone. Every conference takes a team of people to physically put one together. Without team leaders there would be no conferences.

Then we have those of you who cannot attend a conference but you are faithful prayer warriors and you go to battle on our behalf slaying the enemy so that the Spirit of God can move on the hearts of the people unhindered.

And lastly, but certainly not least, we have the financial givers. You give as it has been given unto you! You share the financial burden of the ministry so that we can continue to help others.

Each role is just as important as the other. We cannot do without the workers, the prayer warriors, or the givers! You keep us going and we praise God for each of you and the part you play in WIT Ministries Dev. Thank you for partnering with us for the glory of our King!!!

Whatever It Takes!

Rev. 12:11



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