A young man – WIT ALIVE

The defining struggle of my life has been my struggle with pornography. I had sought it out since my early teen years and it had a grip on me. All the while, I was putting on a good show of being a victorious Christian, but on the inside, I was being burned alive by my lust. I had tried again and again to stop the pornography and masturbation, but it was no use. I was trapped. I was on a hamster wheel of falling, confessing, feeling good about myself and then falling again. I tried everything I could think of to get free but the continual failure made me want to throw in the towel. Several times I remember feeling so guilty that I wanted to run away from God, never to return, but even with my heart in that state He was merciful to me and led me to the ministry of Paul and Jenny Speed. I listened to their testimony and I was deeply convicted about how I was covering up my sin and acting like everything was fine with my life. After attending the singles event, WIT Alive, I could see for the first time, that I was not bound by my sin. Christ broke the chains of sin long ago when He died on the cross and I was given the power to walk in His victory. Thanks to WIT Ministries Dev, I now have the tools I need to live in victory! “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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