New Book: Savage Marriage by Phil & Priscilla Fretwell

In this podcast, Paul & Niki interview Phil & Priscilla Fretwell about their brand new book Savage Marriage.  


This book is the true, raw, gut-wrenching journey of betrayal and healing of Phil and Priscilla’s marriage. Each, from their own perspectives, describe Phil’s confession of his secret betrayal that began with pornography but progressed to massage parlors, shattering their twenty-eight-year, picture-perfect marriage. Phil’s admission launched Priscilla into her own process of brokenness, self-discovery, and assessment. Their heart for humility, commitment, and spiritual intimacy accelerated their healing and deeply-rooted their relationship. Savage Marriage invites you into their intimate journey that led them to share openly with their family, friends, business associates, and a growing community of savage marriages.


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