In 1967, The Beatles released a song that went straight to number one that said, “All you need is love, love is all you need”.  This was, of course, just before The Beatles broke up!  Nevertheless, the message does contain some powerful truths.

When I look at the life of Jesus, I see that He was rejected, laughed at, not taken seriously, betrayed, and finally killed.  Most of this was done by people He loved and spent much of His time with.  Amazingly, the love of His Father was ALL He needed to survive and accomplish His Father’s plan on earth.

Well, what about us?  As an old country song said, most of us have been “Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places“.  We have looked to people and pleasure to make us feel loved and it always leaves us empty.  God never meant for people or things to give us what only He has to offer.

If we are trying to love others without first experiencing God’s love in us, our love is empty.  On the other hand, if we can learn to receive His love, then we, like Jesus, can love others while expecting nothing in return from them. (Luke 6:35)

Does God want us to have loving relationships around us?  Of course!  He created us for intimacy with Him and with others.  True intimacy with others starts with us giving genuine love.  This genuine love comes only from God.  Intimacy is often defined as “Into-Me-You-See”.  If this is true, then you can see that it starts with us being vulnerable, transparent, honest, and loving.

To do this, we must learn to overcome our lust by focusing on and receiving God’s love as being completely sufficient.  Our lust is never fulfilled; instead it pushes us further from experiencing God’s love and intimacy with Him.  Lust always leaves us feeling shameful, and shame leaves us feeling unlovable.  How can we walk in God’s love for us when our own shame pushes us away?  Sexual lust promises intimacy, but imprisons us with shame.

As men we must become overcomers by experiencing God’s love, so that we can be true intimacy-givers to others.

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